Expect Good Work on Time, and on Budget

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Taking the construction industry into the 21st Century is the aim of BMA Construction’s founder and director, Ben Atkin. Ben is conscious that the industry and has not always had the best reputation, and is keen to distance himself and his company from the image.

“So many people have been bitten so many times that it is no wonder people are sceptical. I want to get away from the archetypal image of the cowboy builder,” he said.

“We are reliable, clean builders. We don’t leave a mess everywhere. I won’t have loud music on site, and there’s no swearing. In the summer, there’s no working with shirts off.”

“If people were working in my home, that is how I would want things to be done.” He said the company had worked hard to gain a good reputation for completing projects on time and on budget, and he would never jeopardise that by promising things that were impossible to achieve.

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